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Art made with love


Give yourself and your friends an extra special gift!




Turnaround: 4 days

My job is to understand your idea and translate it visually!

After I receive your request, we’re gonna talk a bit about the briefing and define what works best. I will help you with insights through the process and start sketching.


Lineart +

Base Colors

Turnaround: 6 days

Once the sketch is approved, I’ll refine the lines, add more details and fill in the base colors.

We can adjust anything that wasn’t clear on the sketch.


Final Files

Turnaround: 6 days

The illustration will have more dimension and look even more appealing!

I’ll work on the shading and lighting. I’ll also work on the design for the wallpapers and export all the files in high definition.




or 60 USD

for a set of 5 units

Cute chibi version of your character! Perfect for Discord or Twitch emotes.

28 x 28 px, 56 x 56 px, 112 x 112 px and 1000 x 1000 px, 72 dpi



· Payment by PayPal (international) or bank transfer (Brazil only).

  Your order will be accepted after the payment is received.

· Before the payment, your order can be cancelled at any moment (by you or by the artist).

  When the payment is completed, refunds won’t be possible.

· I can draw your character based on screenshots, other image references and text descriptions.

  Text-only descriptions will be charged +10 USD.

· I can also draw more than one character per picture and elaborate backgrounds.

  Extra pieces are charged separately depending on complexity, contact me for pricing.

· I'll hand you the high resolution, printable file + wallpapers by the end of the project (except for icons).

· The production takes about two weeks and you can do 3 revisions during the process.

  I'll show you the sketch and the lineart with the base colors before I render the final image.

· Please give proper credit if reposting or using it for another purpose.

· Projects made for commercial use are charged an extra fee, contact me to consult the prices.

· Feel free to ask me any questions at the email:

  Message me me for more information or to place an order, I'll be glad to work with you! 

"Acca is super amazing to work with. With just a brief description and a few quick reference pics, she was able to capture my OC's personality perfectly. She always let me know when to expect another update, and is an absolute delight to work with!"

- Adora

Request a Quote

Please take a moment to fill out the form. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact me via email or social media!

Thank you!

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